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falling in love in paris

my sister calls them orange moments, others call them magical or breathtaking… i call them “falling in love in paris.” the feeling of sitting at a parisian cafe with a glass of billecarte-salmon right as the sky turns a whimsical blend of yellow, orange, red and blue. can you picture it? it is the month of may, the air is warm and there is a faint scent of fresh croissants from the nearby boulangerie. edith piaf serenades the scene with  la vie en rose. you savor a sip as you take in the mesmerizing beauty that surrounds you and floods all of your senses. you smile. you are in love. not in love with anyone necessarily, but you feel as though love has embraced your very being. pure magic.

one of the greatest gifts life has offered me to this day is the experience of this specific slice of precious time. i was overwhelmed with the feeling of love, gratitude, romance and of splendor. my dream ever since has been to find a way to live inside of that exquisite moment in time, forever. luckily by simply recalling it, no matter where i am or what i have going on, i can always “be in love in paris.”

i created a scent blend reminiscent of that day. one that embodies the rich history held in the streets of paris as well as bright and uplifting tones symbolizing the colors of the sunset and the magic that seemed to fill the very air i was breathing.

embrace, the heart and soul of a.k.e, was designed with extraordinary depths of unimaginable love and inspiration for you with one intention…  that you remember to savor the simple moments that are filled with pure magic, for they create your story.


kevyn xo

(our fearless founder)

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